Featured Asian Art Auctions 2022-08-30 Auction - 355 Price Results - Taishoo International Auction in nice
posterA set of high-quality Hetian jade, blowing, pulling, playing and singingQing Dynasty Hand Painting with a Porcelain Vase Made By Langshining
DoneAug 31, 2022 5:35 AM EDT
Fukuoka-ken, Nice, Japan
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Featured Asian Art Auctions

Due to historical and cultural reasons, Japan has always had a deep affection for Chinese art and collections. In the National Museum of Japan, most of the national treasures are from China. In recent years, collectors from all over the world have begun to set their sights on the Japanese collection market. Our expert team is very pleased to receive the support of the Fukuoka Forest House Collection Association in Japan, the Kobe Yunebo Collection Association, the Tokyo Toraya Collection Association, the Okinawa Zhonghe Cultural Relics Store, and the well-known Negoro family in Japan. The Asian art works of this Christmas auction are on display: more than 500 pieces of Chinese antiques, porcelain, Buddhist scriptures, paintings and calligraphy, ancient jade and Buddha statues. This will be a very good time for treasure hunting. Everyone is welcome to buy and wish you all a Merry Christmas.
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poster: poster
0001: posterEst. $100-$200Lot Passed
Tang Dynasty Antique Copper Incense: This product has good condition, high collection and ornamental value.
0019: Tang Dynasty Antique Copper IncenseEst. $60-$100
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Tang Dynasty Antique Enamel Vase: This product has good condition, high collection and ornamental value.
0020: Tang Dynasty Antique Enamel VaseEst. $80-$100
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Ming Dynasty Grey Pottery Lion Ornament: Exquisite workmanship, made of pottery. Chinese traditional study auspicious ornaments.
0293: Ming Dynasty Grey Pottery Lion OrnamentEst. $50-$100
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Buddhist Nepalese Silverware Wine Pot: Exquisite workmanship, made of silver. Chinese traditional study auspicious silverware.
0300: Buddhist Nepalese Silverware Wine PotEst. $60-$100
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Red Copper Gourds Qing Dynasty: Bagua gourd is a common feng shui product. Because the curve shape of the gourd is similar to the boundary line of yin and yang of Tai Chi, it has the function of isolating the gas field inside, and
1024: Red Copper Gourds Qing DynastyEst. $300-$400Lot Passed
Tibetan Buddha Statue: Exquisite workmanship, made of pure copper.
1042: Tibetan Buddha StatueEst. $300-$600Lot Passed

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