DoneAug 31, 2022 5:35 AM EDT
Fukuoka-ken, Nice, Japan
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Due to historical and cultural reasons, Japan has always had a deep affection for Chinese art and collections. In the National Museum of Japan, most of the national treasures are from China. In recent years, collectors from all over the world have begun to set their sights on the Japanese collection market. Our expert team is very pleased to receive the support of the Fukuoka Forest House Collection Association in Japan, the Kobe Yunebo Collection Association, the Tokyo Toraya Collection Association, the Okinawa Zhonghe Cultural Relics Store, and the well-known Negoro family in Japan. The Asian art works of this Christmas auction are on display: more than 500 pieces of Chinese antiques, porcelain, Buddhist scriptures, paintings and calligraphy, ancient jade and Buddha statues. This will be a very good time for treasure hunting. Everyone is welcome to buy and wish you all a Merry Christmas.
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