Bronze Blowout Auction - August 2022 2022-08-26 Auction - 464 Price Results - Miami Auction Gallery in FL
E.L Picault Roman God BronzeMetal Art Tin Green Mini Cooper DécorSigned Rodin Abstract Modern Art Female Nude Torso Bronze
DoneAug 26, 2022 7:14 PM EDT
Miami, FL, United States
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Bronze Blowout Auction - August 2022

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Lot Number: Lowest
E.L Picault Roman God Bronze: Total Dimensions: Height 16'' x Width 8''Approximate Weight: 17 LBSOriginal Reproduction: Reproduction
0053Q: E.L Picault Roman God BronzeEst. $575-$775Lot Passed
D.H Chiparus Bronze Sculpture: Total Dimensions: Height 13'' x Width 5''Approximate Weight: 8 LBSOriginal Reproduction: Reproduction
0058Q: D.H Chiparus Bronze SculptureEst. $425-$625Lot Passed
MARIUS ART DECO HORSE BRONZE: Total Dimensions: Height 25'' x Width 16''Approximate Weight: 25 LBSOriginal Reproduction: Original
0230Q: MARIUS ART DECO HORSE BRONZEEst. $400-$800Lot Passed
ART DECO STALLION FIGURINE: Total Dimensions: Height 8'' x Width 10''Approximate Weight: 2 LBSOriginal Reproduction: Original
0238Q: ART DECO STALLION FIGURINEEst. $280-$580Lot Passed
ALDO VITALEH ACROBAT BRONZE: Total Dimensions: Height 20'' x Width 14''Approximate Weight: 14 LBSOriginal Reproduction: Original
0253Q: ALDO VITALEH ACROBAT BRONZEEst. $500-$800Lot Passed
ALDO VITALEH DANCER BRONZE: Total Dimensions: Height 19'' x Width 10''Approximate Weight: 14 LBSOriginal Reproduction: Reproduction
0254Q: ALDO VITALEH DANCER BRONZEEst. $425-$625Lot Passed

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