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Chinese Hardwood StandChinese Red Glazed Gourd VaseNepalese Shamanistic Wood Figure
DoneNov 12, 2013 5:34 PM EST
Norwood, MA, United States
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Chinese Famille Rose Gourd Vase: China, Famille Rose gourd vase, double gourd body with small opening, blue ground color featuring a tree reaching from the bottom next to a deer, branches with flowers and a bird on the top, Qianlong
0073: Chinese Famille Rose Gourd VaseEst. $800-$1,200Lot Passed
Chinese Yellow-Glazed Foo Dog: China, yellow-glazed foo dog figure with in a seated position with long ears, decorated with colorful flowers. Length 11 in., Height 7 in.
0075: Chinese Yellow-Glazed Foo DogEst. $900-$1,200Lot Passed
Chinese Doucai High Stem Bowl: China, Doucai high stem bowl, densely decorated inside and out in blues, red and green, mythical birds and floral patterns, with auspicious symbol in the center, Xuande mark on base. Height 2 3/4
0077: Chinese Doucai High Stem BowlEst. $1,500-$2,000Lot Passed
Chinese Horn High Stem Bowl: China, smoothly carved horn bowl with high stem, great coloring and a ringed stem. Height 4 1/2 in., Diameter 3 1/4 in.
0078: Chinese Horn High Stem BowlEst. $300-$500
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Chinese Carved Horn Cup: China, smoothly carved horn cup, on a raised footed base, with a slightly flared rim. Height 3 1/4 in., Width 5 in.
0079: Chinese Carved Horn CupEst. $250-$350
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Chinese Horn Bowl: China, 19th C., ornately carved horn bowl of irregular form. Diameter 2 7/8 in., Height 1 3/4 in.
0080: Chinese Horn BowlEst. $250-$350Lot Passed
Chinese Ivory Bangle: China, ivory bangle, smoothly carved into an octagonal shape, with a circular center. Diameter 3 1/4 in.
0084: Chinese Ivory BangleEst. $100-$200Lot Passed
Chinese Coral Necklace: China, coral necklace, circular and oblong pieces of coral alternating, some smoothly carved, others with their natural texture. Length 70 in.
0085: Chinese Coral NecklaceEst. $200-$300
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Chinese Ivory Necklace: China, 19th C. ivory necklace of large, smoothly carved and polished ivory beads, with gold clasp.
0086: Chinese Ivory NecklaceEst. $200-$300Lot Passed
Two Chinese Ivory Necklaces: China, late 19th C., two ivory necklaces, both with large, well-shaped, spherical beads, sizes of beads slightly increase as they near the center, with ivory clasp.
0087: Two Chinese Ivory NecklacesEst. $200-$300Lot Passed
Two African Ivory Carved Busts: Africa, two ivory carved busts; one of a female with a large headdress with additional figures carved; and one of a male with the pointed portion of the horn forming his headdress. Height 13 in.
0088: Two African Ivory Carved BustsEst. $200-$300Lot Passed
Chinese Horn Carving: China, horn carving in a form that follows the natural horn shape, decorated with scholar figures in a landscape, with buildings in the distance. Height 12 in.
0090: Chinese Horn CarvingEst. $300-$500Lot Passed
Chinese Carved Horn Piece: China, carved horn piece, decorated with an artistically rendered figure of an animal in motion on the front.
0091: Chinese Carved Horn PieceEst. $100-$200Lot Passed
Pair of Chinese Horn Cups: China, pair of horn cups, each cup carved into two elaborately robed figures, both rendered in a delicate fashion, with great detail on the clothing and faces, together with intricately carved bases.
0092: Pair of Chinese Horn CupsEst. $500-$800
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Chinese Carved Ivory Figure: China, 19th C., carved ivory figure of a man, in a seated position with flowing robes and a large belly, on a traditional wooden stand. Height 3 1/2 in.
0093: Chinese Carved Ivory FigureEst. $100-$300Lot Passed
Chinese Horn Figure: China, carved horn figure in an organic form, showing a laughing scholar figure. Height 7 1/4 in.
0095: Chinese Horn FigureEst. $600-$900Lot Passed
Group of Nine Natsuke: Japan, group of nine intricately carved Natsuke, some of creatures, others in organic forms, two display detailed human figures in action.
0096: Group of Nine NatsukeEst. $300-$500Lot Passed

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